Jordan Lynch pride ourselves on offering a high level of service that you simply won’t find if applying direct to a high street lender. We’re also very different to many other mortgage brokerages. Here’s why:

We don’t work off a restricted panel. Many mortgage brokers are attached to ‘Mortgage Networks’ that offer mortgages from a restricted panel of mainly high street lenders. Rather than being part of a network we are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and without the panel restrictions we therefore have access to the whole of the market when we are selecting your mortgage.

No ties to estate agents and developers. Unlike many advisors, we never source business from estate agents and developers. This ensures that we are only working for the client rather than the deal.

Our advisors are all PAYE. Many advisors in the industry are self-employed and reliant on commissions. The Jordan Lynch team are all salaried, so we never advise clients to take on a particular mortgage just for the sake of commission. Our job is to advise you and help you find the best mortgage and we pride ourselves on doing that job well.

Our fees are fair. Once an advisor has assessed your needs we will estimate how much time it will take to arrange your mortgage and quote a fee that reflects this. In many cases a fee won’t be necessary as the commission received from the lender will be sufficient to cover our costs, but if a fee is required we’ll agree this amount with you before submitting your application. We find this policy to be much fairer than charging all clients the same like many of our peers.

We offer a success only guarantee. If your mortgage application is unsuccessful, you don’t have to pay us a penny. We only charge a fee once the mortgage is approved and you are in receipt of the formal mortgage offer.

why we are different

We care about our clients. Our advisors are dedicated to helping you find the best deal for your circumstances. It doesn’t matter how complex your needs may be, we take the time to fully understand your situation and work hard to secure the funds you need.

Our excellent contacts offer us access to exclusive deals and bespoke underwriting. Jordan Lynch have spent years building up strong relationships with numerous high street lenders, private banks and specialist lenders. Our advisors use these contacts to help clients with complex situations secure mortgage finance.